Quick and Easy Cold Brine Pickles- Don’t toss the brine!

Green Tomato Pickles

Cold brine leftovers

My dad once told me a story about the grocery owner who used to throw old vegetables into the pickle barrel to cure-and sell. I’m sure this was common during the depression era, and It is something I like to do myself when I am leaving for a few days and have veggies that may not last till i return! 

When a jar of pickles is finished, home made or commercial, and I’m left with a jar of delicious brine, I put that brine to use by making more pickles with any leftover veggies I have on hand. Typically carrots, celery, or cucumber are the lucky ones!

Recently I had a mini crop of green tomatoes- from a few plants I planted a bit later that I should have, and they didn’t look like they were going to ripen on the vine anytime soon. 

This simple process is such a no brainer, but the results are great.

  1. Clean any veggies you have on hand.
  2. Cut to size and/or slice or pierce each veggie- ie tomatoes, green beans, mini eggplants- any veggie that is whole
  3. Fill the jar or container with veggies*
  4. Pour the brine to the top
  5. Set on a rimmed tray covered with waxed paper for 2-3 days
  6. refrigerate
  7. enjoy

*I have actually just tossed veggies into a jar of brine and left them in the fridge. They will take a bit longer to cure, but it’s easy, and works. (kind of like that depression era grocer).

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