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Banana Bread

One of our family favorites is  Banana Bread.  I have been making the same banana bread recipe for almost 40 years. My favorite recipe is the Kona Inn Banana Bread on page 551 of Marion Cunningham’s Fanny Farmer Baking Book I purchased when it was first published in 1984. It

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Pickled Peppers-Toorshi

I recently asked my brother to purchase a “lug” of yellow Armenian Peppers so I could make one of our mom’s specialties- Toorshi/Armenian pickled peppers. These peppers are available during the summer months. The variety he found at the Fresno Farmer’s market the day he ordered them was Armenian peppers

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My Journey to the Perfect Khourabia Recipe

I have been testing various Khourabia recipes  Although I have tested various Khourabia recipes over the last 30 years, I began seriously searching for the perfect combination of ingredients and methods more recently. I have tried and tested it all! With egg, without egg, egg white, egg yolk. Unsalted butter,

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Clarified Butter aka Rendered Butter

I was given the recipe for khourabia (shakar lama) by a true confections pro, who’s specialties included this pure white melt in your mouth cookie. In the notes I had written down for her khourabia recipe, she mentioned the importance of using bulgur to make clarified butter aka rendered butter,

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Memorial Day Memories in Visalia California

Memorial Day Memories

When I think of Memorial Day it brings back memories of going to the cemetery with our immediate and extended family-16 of us-parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and our grandmother. We would pick gladiolus and snapdragons from Grandma’s garden, and fill metal coffee cans with the colorful flowers. Once we

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